Perth Zoo May ’17

Ramona is on long service leave from work so we decided to head to the zoo for the day.

Ramona was very happy to be at the zoo, little did she know she was about to learn about my love of taking many photos. Many photos trying to get the best shot and complaining about the light or the animals that wouldn’t stay still.

Beginning of the day.
Lets go left

So the journey around the zoo to left began, first stop the penguins and then the reptile house.

Ramona doesn’t like reptiles even if they are behind glass she is still not a fan.

There were quite a few poisonous snakes in the reptile house eg, Tiger snake, death adder and dugite. A few not so poisonous like this python.


Surviving the reptile house we went onto the bird wetland. There were some very big birds here the grey bird and the blue necked stork were taller than Ramona.

The birds had the right idea it was time for lunch. Ramona had made lunch for both of us. We found a spot familiar to Ramona and sat down to lunch.

Curried egg sandwiches, cheese and crackers, chocolate, you name it Ramona had it packed for lunch. The only thing we purchased to eat from the Zoo was an ice cream.

We passed through the Australian animal section pretty quickly, too quick to catch a glimpse of the elusive drop bear. Next up is the Asian and African animals.

Finally I spent a lot of time photographing the orang-utans and Ramona spent a bit of time waiting for me to finish.

We sat and looked for Lemurs while eating our  ice creams, Ramona had an Almond Magnum and I had a double choc coated Magnum. We finished the ice creams and headed to the gift shop before heading home.

A great time was had by both of us and we can’t wait to have another adventure together.










First of many posts.

Here we are the first blog post of Dale and Ramona.

This will be a good place to store our future adventures together.

My(Dale) parents and I travelled to England in 2015 for the rugby world cup. We used this medium to display our trip and it worked well.

So here come our future adventures enjoy them as much as we do.

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